Would Jaw Implants Help a Female to Balance Lower Half of Face Out?

I currently have a chin implant (put in 7 years ago) but am still not satisfied with the lower half of my face. (My current implant is one that wraps around.) I would like it to be more balanced out and am wondering if I'm a candidate for a jaw implant/and new chin implant combo? I feel like I need more vertical length to my chin and would like my face to be a slightly wider around the jaw area. I also have Radiesse right now to help with this and would like a more permanent solution.

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Chin implant can balance lower face

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Chin implants come in many different sizes, shapes, forms, and materials. We prefer the Implantech brand of implants which are silastic. A surgeon well versed in chin augmentations will know which chin implant and what size to place for each patient’s needs, wants, and desires. The old implant can be removed and replaced with a larger implant. In addition to that, custom carving of implants can be done to give more width rather than anterior projection. Today, many silastic chin implants can also give vertical height improvement.

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Improve Facial Balance with Chin & Jaw Surgery

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Based on this single photograph of frontal view, your jaw appears smaller relative to the rest of the face. To improve facial balance, your long-term cosmetic options with plastic surgery include replacing with a larger chin implant, jaw bone advancement surgery, or both. Chin implants come in various sizes & shapes and are normally made of silicone, but other materials are available. Vertical height of the chin is better managed with chin or jaw surgery, where the bone is advanced to an improved position. Only after a comprehensive evaluation can a surgeon help determine appropriate options for you.

Houtan Chaboki, MD
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Jaw implants can bring more balance to your face

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Jaw implants can bring more balance to your face. Based on your picture, I think you could benefit from lateral jaw implants as well.  I think you chin implant is sufficient and if you did more it could masculinize your face. But there does seem to be a slight need laterally. Your jaw should really be just a little more narrow than your cheek bones and in you it is siginificantly narrower in your jaw area.  I would be conservative though and go with smaller rather than larger implants. 

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

jaw implants help a female to balance lower half of face out

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Yes, but over the internet with only 1 photo (front view NO side view) it is impossible to answer. Seek in person evaluation from a boarded surgeon. From MIAMI Dr. B

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