Do I have to have my IUD removed before surgery.

I have a Paragaurd (IUD). Is it true that I should have it removed before my sx. I plan on having a TT, BBL, BA, and Lipo... (The Works! Lol) done. Why would it be necessary to have it removed? My body is just getting used to having the darn thing.

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Birth Control & Surgery

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The reason it is sometimes recommended that birth control be stopped or IUD’s removed before surgery is that hormonal supplementation can influence the incidence of blood clots after surgery. One of the few things that could actually kill you after a surgery like you have described is if you would get a blood clot in your leg that traveled to your heart or lungs – which is called a pulmonary embolus.

There are very specific risk factors associated with blood clots and every patient who undergoes a surgery these days is rated on their likelihood of having a blood clot. If that risk is too high, then more precautions need to be taken to prevent a clot – one of which is using a blood thinner for surgery. Blood thinners help to prevent a fatal blood clot, but can also cause a lot of problems with bleeding which can be dangerous and may necessitate additional surgery.

If you are someone who is borderline for needing a blood thinner, your surgeon may ask you to stop your birth control or remove an IUD that provides hormone supplementation in order to take your level of risk down to a level where you would not need to take on the extra risk of a blood thinner to stay safe. If you are low risk for clotting it probably doesn’t matter as much. Just understand that your surgeon wants to make the surgery as safe as he/she can for you and so will recommend the safest route. Good luck with your surgery, I’m sure you’ll do great!

IUD removal

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Thank you for your question. If you are not experiencing any problems with the IUD, there would be no reason to remove it before surgery. 

William McClure, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon


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You do not have to remove it. It does not affect the surgery or the recovery.  
Ask your doctor the reason why he/she requested. 
By the way, you have the opportunity to get the tubal ligation during the TT if you have considered to do something permanent. 
Dr. Cardenas

Do I have to have my IUD removed before surgery.

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generally not necessary to remove an IUD before surgery but if you were instructed to do so, you may want to discuss this with the surgeon with whom you are planning your surgery and / or your gynecologist.

good luck.

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