Its Been 7 Weeks After Rhinoplasty & Im Still Very Swollen Like I Was One the 1st Month?

I have Rhinoplasty May 4th and today is June 24th its been 7 weeks since my Surgery. I had my bridge refine & tip but its looks huge & ugly now. My nose looks way wider than what it use to be, My bridge looks kinda flat & wide, my nostrils are flaring, alhtough they werent touched and my lips look weird now. I never wanted my profile flat looking b/c I Had a perfect profile Im very concerned & hate going out in public. I might have kindof thick skin, im loosing next appt. is July 9th.

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Seven weeks post rhinoplasty

At seven weeks post rhinoplasty, you still be very swollen. You have to be very patient and give it more time to settle down.  If youa re overly concerned, then you should see your surgeon.

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Swollen At 7 Weeks After Rhinoplasty



It seems that you have a thick nasal skin causing your swelling to take a little longer to subside.

I understand that you are concerned and you dislike going out in public but it is good for you to be a little more patient and to look forward for the 6 months post-op mark.

I am sure that discussing your situation with your surgeon who knows the full details of your surgery will be beneficial to rule out any unusual causes of your nasal swelling.


Thank you for your inquiry.

The best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

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Swelling 7 weeks after Rhinoplasty


If all depends on where your nose started. If it was very bulbous to begin with you may need more time for the swelling to resolve. Posting a picture may help evaluate your nose.



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Swilling after Rhinoplasty

Patients with thick skin often have significant swelling after surgery that can take months to resolve. Speak with your surgeon and discuss what you can expect over the next few months. There is nothing to be done at this point other than to allow the swelling to settle.

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Swelling after rhinoplasty

It is definitely possible that you still have a significant degree of edema, although you should have seen some improvement over the past month in that regard.  What were the problems with the nose on the first place? I am wondering what was done during your surgery that could help explain the changes you are describing.

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Waiting for swelling after rhinoplasty

Though most of the swelling is gone after the first two weeks the thickness and stiffiness can persist for several months after the procedure before definition begins to show through. Waiting is very hard after rhinoplasty, though wait you must until you are further along.

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