Swollen and Upturned Nose After Kenalog Injections?

I had a secondary rhinoplasty 7 months ago.The swelling was almost gone but I still had occasional swelling in the morning.Three days ago my doc decided to make a kenalog injection in my nose.He also taped it and said to keep the tape for a week.After three days i can see my nose is super upturned and swollen under the tape.Is this normal?shouldn't the kenalog be already absorbed at this time?and shouldn't it reduce the swelling instead of increasing it?i'm very concerned.thanks

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Swelling after kenalog injection

After any injection, it is possible to have some localized swelling that may take a few days to resolve. The effect of the corticosteroid typically takes about 2-3 weeks and may continue to work for 6-8 weeks after. So it will take a few weeks before you see any decrease in the swelling or scar tissue that was present prior to your injection. It is unlikely that the corticosteroid injections caused you to have an upturned nose-this may be an illusion created by the additional swelling. If you are concerned, you should discuss this with your surgery.

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Upturned nose, 7 months post op

Where did he inject the nose and how much volume was injected? Kenalog injected work over a period of 2 months dissolving out the thick scar. Return to your surgeon + have him/her explain the changes to you.


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