I'm having 5 crowns placed on my front teeth but the color doesn't match my teeth so I want to put a crown on my 6th tooth.

so they will match in color but my oral rehabilitation doctor said no and that he will whiten my teeth, but I know the result won't be great because their color will change back, and because my teeth and the porcelain are different materials so light breaks differently on them so they won't look the same. I thought about veneer but because of it's difference in thickness from the crowns the light breaks differently So they won't look the same. What can I do? I'm So depressed because of my teeth

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Restoring more than five teeth is usually not a problem. Based on my experience, a sixth crown made at the same time the other five crowns are made would be ideal. Did your dentist explain why the sixth tooth can not be crowned? I would recommend returning to the dentist to discuss your concerns. Good luck and I hope this helps.  Follow me for more questions and answers.

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Doing 5 teeth isn't wrong but it isn't the norm either. Restoring the 6th tooth with a veneer or another crown is usually not a problem. Did your dentist give you an answer based on an actual reason? I suggest returning to the dentist and explaining your concerns again. Don't have the 5 crowns permanently placed until you are happy with the final result.

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

Crowns won't match my natural tooth

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You sound very educated as to your problem. I agree with you that none of the conservative options such as whitening or veneering will totally match your crowns. I assume you have crowned your upper front teeth from cuspid ("eye tooth") to the 5th tooth. Based on my experience a 6th crown made at the same time that you make the other 5 crowns would be ideal and most likely solve your problem. If you have had your 5 crowns already cemented then a custom shade by your dentist's lab is optimal for the 6th tooth. Hope this helps.


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Whenever I treat front teeth I recommend whitening first. When that's done, I can then match the crowns/veneers to the natural teeth. When the case is complete, we then make custom fitted whitening trays that are used in order to touch up the whitening down the road. This way, your result will stay consistent long term. The crowns that are used for front teeth are all porcelain which is similar to your natural teeth. A talented dental ceramist can make the crowns look and refract light just like your teeth. I agree with your dentist. Don't do any dentistry if you don't need to. I hope this helps!

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