Isotretinoin and HCG?

I started Accutane one month ago and saw visible results by the second week. I know that I am a rare case. My question is, do Accutane patients ever take a shorter cycle of the medication rather than the full five months? My next question is, I am considering beginning a HCG injection program. Would HCG injections cause a false positive pregnancy test when I have my labs taken?

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Accutane and HCG

A faster response is nice but it doesn't mean you'll need the medication for a shorter amount of time. The goal is to get the proper mg into your body and have a long-term result, not just a short-term one, or you'll need another round of Accutane in the future. Consult your prescribing physician about HCG. Personally I wouldn't recommend it until after you're off the Accutane. 

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