Will maxillofacial fix asymmetry?

I've taken trauma to the face from years of mixed martial arts. To be quite honest I'm incredibly insecure about my appearance. I've stopped and now I'm getting my face fixed up. Getting maxillofacial+Rhinoplasty+Chin aug. I've always had a weak chin/jawline and overbite. Will all these procedures have a significant impact on my appearance? Will the rhinoplasty+Maxillofacial fix most of the asymmetry?

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Facial Asymmetry

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Only you can make the determination if these procedures are beneficial for you. You should have computer imaging done before these procedures to help you make the determination if they are worth it for you. It is unclear in your question what procedures constitute 'Maxillofacial'.  I am assuming that is some form of orthognathic surgery.

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