36 years old and desperate for malar bag solution. What options are available for me? (Photo)

Hi, I'm turning 36. I've just had my first child and while I've been aware of my malar bags (even the very young children in my family have them) for as long as I can remember, they are becoming more and more pronounced. I look exhausted and when I catch my reflection in a bright light, it's depressing. What do you suggest at my age as I know they will only get worse.

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Malar bags

I agree that your malar bags are minimal and filler should be the definite first choice. I would not recommend surgery at this time. As you age , surgery can be reconsidered. You may also have some fluid retention that is exacerbating your condition.

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Malar Bags? Festoons? Our Fix.

If you have malar bags, or festoons, I would suggest that you first get checked for a thyroid problem. You may have a disorder of thyroid function, such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. Occasionally, malar bags improve when the underlying thyroid disorder is treated. In the past you may have had a thyroid inflammation that liberated thyroid antibodies that cause the cheek swelling.

We have also seen many patients in our practice that have allergies to various environmental allergens, and suggest chemical allergy testing if your bags are long standing.

In terms of solutions, many physicians try fillers. Fillers cause their own set of problems, including, often, worsening of the malar bags. 

Allan E. Wulc, MD
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Malar bags

Malar bags are tough to eliminate.  A lower lid blepharoplasty with elevation of the fat pad and laser on the skin can often help improve the appearance of the fat pads.  You should try some filler first to give some volume to the area which will help to make the skin contour more even.  

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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Malar bag solution.

Malar bags are extremely difficult to treat.  Even with a lateral lower eyelid incision elevation of the cheek within Orbiculopexy and skin excision malar bags tend to recur.  Yours are minimal.

I see would suggest filler injections to avoid the surgery and see if the result pleases you.

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