Is Invisalign Suitable for 12 Years Old?

The orthodontist suggested us to use Invisalign for my 12 year old kid, I just worry can she handle taking it in and out while eating, will she be able to put the tray well in order to achieve a good result. Is Invisalign suitable for teen? Should we choose the traditional braces or Invisalign?

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Dr. Waxler is completely right. It all depends on how responsible your child is.  Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign can be removed from the mouth, and if your child misplaces them, or forgets to put the aligners back in, then you're going to have to replace them, which can be costly.  Bring these points up the next time you meet with your child's orthodontist.  I hope this helps!  Good luck!

Saint Louis Orthodontist

Invisalign for 12 year old

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Well it really depends on a lot of things:

1. How responsible is your child

2. Does he/she have a full set of permanent teeth

3. What type of orthodontic problem are we dealing with

With the right child Invisalign works great....with the wrong child it can be a with the doctor!

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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