Invisalign for All and Without Attachments?

Hello, This is regarding ClearPath/InvisAlign. My dentist and myself decided to go with this, though complete correction is not possible in my case. 1.Can this aligner move teeth in all people. I was wondering, what if my teeth are not responding with the force from these aligners? 2.I have to move my front teeth back by around 3 mm, to reduce the overjet and buck teeth. But my dentist told that I don't need Attachments...? Is it possible to move the front teeth back with out those attachments

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Attachments or Not?

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More than likely you may need a few attachments especially with the movements that you are describing. If Align Technologies recommends attachments then I would place them otherwise the teeth will not move as well. A mid course correction can be done for another fee when  the teeth are not tracking or moving if you decide to not place the attachments.  With front teeth that are larger you may sometimes  get away without attachments because the aligner or tray is very retentive due to the tooth shape and size.  

It comes down to having a tray or aligner that has good retention so the teeth will track and move.   

Atlanta Dentist

Invisalign for All Without Attachments

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When the dentist submits the case to Invisalign, they will suggest whether or not attachments are necessary. You can have this "ClinChek" done BEFORE you decide to continue with treatment or not. There will be a fee to get this ClinChek from Invisalign, but most dentists will then apply that to the treatment fee if you do chose to continue. Most people's teeth do respond to Invisalign. If Invisalign suggests the attachments, then you should go with attachments.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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