Can You Get Braces or Invisilign if You Have a Partial Onto for a Overbite or if You Have Dental Implants?

Yes I have been considering get invisiligns or braces for a overbite but I also have 3 missing teeths on top.Can I get this done all at once.Can I get a partial for the 3 missing teeth ontop or also can you have implants and still have invisiligns ?Or you have to do one thing at a time?

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Braces/Invisalign With a Partial or Implants

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You should have your mouth evaluated by a competent general dentist first. If the teeth need to be moved, then the movement either with braces or Invisalign should be done FIRST. Invisalign trays can have "false teeth" in them where you are missing your teeth. After the Invisalign or braces is complete, then you can restore the missing teeth either with a partial, or implants, or a permanent bridge.

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Invisalign with partial and missing teeth

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You are unable to wear a partial during invisalign.  Any necessary movement should be done by invisalign prior to placing dental implants. 

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