Intralesional Cortisone While on Ro-accutane

should i get cortisone injections while on ro-accutane? or can i just let it be and just let ro-accutane do its work?

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Yes, you can get intralesional injections while on Accutane

Intralesional steroid (cortisone) injections are used for specific large nodules of acne to reduce them quickly and try to prevent scarring. Accutane (called Ro-accutane in the United Kingdom)  is a long-term treatment to try to suppress acne formation. They can be used together, Accutane to suppress the acne over the long-term and steroid injections for short term treatments of large or painful nodules.

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Intralesional cortisone very helpful while in Accutane

Intralesional cortisone is used to treat inflamed cystic or nodular acne lesions which helps them resolve faster and helps prevent scarring.

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