Is It Safe to Have Lasik Eye Surgey Whilst on Roaccutane?

i am currently on roaccutane , just started 4th month of 6, i have experienced very few of the side effects: dryer, tighter skin on my face and chapped lips. i attended an assessment for lasik eye surgery and after various tests was told i was suitable... i informed the doctor i was on accutane, he saw it as no issue , i said i would wait til i finished it, he said it might be wise, my tear count came back as good in both eyes so i dont have dry eyes, can i get lasik done immediately after?

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Always wait to do elective surgeries after Accutane

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No matter the dose or duration of treatment, you should always wait a minimum of 6 months before having any elective surgery performed. Accutane alters the healing process and could compromise a routine procedure. It is wise to ensure that all factors are optimum to ensure the best result. Sincerely, Barry Resnik, MD in Aventura, Florida

Miami Dermatologist

Accutane slows epithelial healing

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I would strongly recommend that you wait at least 6 months and after all dry eye symptoms resolve before undergoing laser surgery for your eyes.

Mary P. Lupo, MD
New Orleans Dermatologist
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