"Internal Lift" with Breast Explantation?

Ive read through most of the stories on explantation.com and most of the after photos look really nice. Seems like a very popular explant surgeon is Dr. Melmed from Dallas. Ive read some of his patients say he does an "internal lift" by "rearranging breast tissue" & no scars. Im interested in this; his patients look better after implant removal than they did before their BA! I email my surgeons office and asked about this, and they dont really know what is meant by "internal lift". Any ideas?

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Internal lift is simply an internal mastopexy.

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When you remove an implant, there is a large space within the breast. By rearranging and suspending the breast tissue, often times the end result is very attractive. This "internal lift" is merely a suspension and rearrangement of the breast tissue to help close the space and support the remaining breast tissue.

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Breast Sag Not Uncommon Following Explantation

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It’s not unusual for patient’s to develop significant breast sag following explantation of breast implants.In many cases, correction of this deformity will require bilateral breast lift procedures.

In an effort to avoid breast lift surgery, surgeons occasionally obliterate the implant pocket by placing quilting sutures between the under surface of the breast and the chest wall.In some cases, these sutures can advance the breast tissue in an upward direction to provide an internal lift.

It’s important to realize that each patient’s situation is unique.This option may be extremely helpful for some patient’s while other patients may need a formal breast lift procedure.It all depends upon the physical examination, the patient’s aesthetic goals, and how the tissue responds to these maneuvers in the operating room.

If you’re worried about breast sag following breast implant removal, it’s important to discuss this issue with your plastic surgeon.Your surgeon should be able to discuss your options and determine if an internal lift is a possibility for you.

Internal Lift

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Most patients are able to return to their preoperative state with implant removal. An internal lift or pocket plication can take advantage of the capsule and reposition the breast higher.

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Internal Breast Lift

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It is not uncommon for us to try and elevate the breast mound higher on the chest wall after removing the implant.  Usually the results are quite good, but it has a lot to do with selecting the right patient for the procedure.  If you need a lift before having the implant removed or if the implant is really large and has stretched the skin quite a bit, then you will need some external form of lift afterward.

Byron D. Poindexter, MD
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Internal lift

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Yes, there are different versions of internal lifting by either rolling breast tissue upwards or simply sewing breast tissue to a higher point on the chest wall internally. It depends upon the patient but this can be a reasonable procedure in the right hands and with the right breast structure

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Internal breast lift with no implants works well.

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Of course, it depends on the details of your personal anatomy, but with skilled technique, most patients are very happy.

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Internal lift

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Once the implant and the scar capsule are removed, dissolvable sutures are used to decrease the base of the breast, increase the projection, and recreate the fold if needed.

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Breast Implant Removal - "Internal Lift" with Breast Explantation?

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As with many other terms, different words can mean different things to different surgeons, so if you want to know what any specific surgeon does, the best thing is to find out exactly what he means.  You can contact him directly and ask precisely that.

In general, it is possible to elevated and suspend some of the remaining tissue after an explantation (or any other breast tissue) but the degree to which this is possible varies on the individual patient.  A given patient may need to have skin removed and tightened, or some other procedures in order to achieve the greatest degree of elevating the tissue, and maintaining that elevation.

I realize that this may not be as precise an explanation as you'd like, but I hope that it has at least helped a bit.

Dr. E

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