Infection after multiple capsulectomies and a hematoma?

I had 2 open capsulectomies on my right breast 6 months apart. The second time PS did an implant exchange from smooth to textured. About a week and a half later, developed what I thought was a seroma and he went in an put a drain in, but he said it was a lot of blood. The blood kept draining for a week without getting any lighter, so he removed the implant, cleaned out the pocket and suctioned out any blood and clots, and replaced the implant. I am 3 days post op with a swollen pinkish breast, and when I saw him today he had the nurse give me an antibiotic injection. He wants to see me in two days, but doesn't seem very concerned. I am freaking out! Am I getting an infection? Is it going to go away? I have had 5 surgeries this year (Bilateral implant exchange in June 2010, open capsulectomy on right side in December 2010, Open capsulectomy/implat exchange on right side on April 29, 2011, Drains inserted May 12, 2011, exploration/suction etc. May 20, 2011) and I do not want another one! I am so distraught, and my PS said he feels so bad for me, but I am just so upset. Help! I want to know if it sounds like he is doing the right thing here.

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Weathering multiple complications after breast augmentation

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Your surgeon may not seem very concerned though I am certain that he is, and you should keep your appointments. An infection after a breast hematoma, after multiple drainage attempts poses a significant risk and can be difficult to clear. Sometimes despite the antibiotics infection returns and the solution is removing the implant and allowing the tissue to heal and rest for three to six months. Looks like everything has been done so keep in close touch with the office.

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You consider removing implants

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Your surgeon is doing everything right. You have been through a lot and may consider removing implants and give your breast time to heal. I believe if the plan A does not work, change the plan and do not try the same thing again. I have been treating patients with multiple implant failures with implant removal and later fat grafting. You may not be a candidate for it and may just remove the implants and let your breast to heal. You can see some the patients with implant removal and fat grafting at my web site.

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