Will an Indented Scar from an Incision for Vaser Fill In?

Hello. About 8 months ago, I had vaser lipo, out in CA. Currently, I am in the Northeast, which makes meaningfully consulting with my physician relatively difficult, as far as these things go. Hopefully, someone here could give advise me. One of the incisions has, thus far, healed on the same level with the rest of my skin and looks like it will fade with time. The other is slightly indented and looks like a quarter inch crease in the skin. Would this naturally fill in with time? Thanks.

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Indented scar

If the scar is indented, you may need a scar revision.  Give it some more time and then follow-up with someone for evaluation.  Good luck.

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Generally not....


Indented scars generally do not improve unless they are indented very early in their history. Eight months is a while from surgery. You might want to see a doctor closer to you for an opinion.


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Surgical scar and liposuction scar expert

Hollowed and depressed scars from surgery may require surgical scar revision.  This is a small procedure that can be performed on an outpatient basis. 

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