Indented Scar After Mole Removal? (photo)

I had a raised mole removed from my cheek 7 weeks ago which resulted in an indented scar (unfortunately). (1) Is this considered a rolling scar? Is subcision is a good option for my scar? What are my other options? (2) I would like to get a scar revision asap (within 8 weeks) as I don't see how the scar will improve/fill up even if I wait out 6-12 months as some advised. The scar seems tethered down which caused the surrounding skin to be pulled down. Any thoughts? Please help. Thanks!

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Mole Removal scarring and options for treatment in Los Angeles

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Indented scars and hypertrophic scars can both be caused from mole removal. In my practice, I perform subcision and laser resurfacing for these types of scars from previous mole removals by others. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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Subcision Is A Viable, Permanent Treatment For Indented Scars

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Regardless of the cause, indented scars, especially those with rolled edges, tend to do well with a series of subcision treatments. Subcision, which I have been performing for eighteen years, uses a sharp needle to break up the abnormal scar collagen bands below the skin surface that tether the overlying skin downward to create the depression. By freeing up the tissue, in this fashion, the overlying skin can float to the surface and the potential space created below it can become filled with vital wound healing agents that promote new native collagen formation to ultimately keep the base of the scar elevated and flush with the surrounding skin surface. In general, between two and four treatments are required at a minimum of six week intervals (the time necessary to permit maximal collagen production in response to treatment) in order to achieve gratifying results. The treatment takes only a couple of minutes to perform under local anesthesia and the results, unlke with fillers, are permanent.

Nelson Lee Novick, MD
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