Scition halo performed 2 weeks ago to treat freckles/discolorations. 450 depth?

Since procedure- still some redness. I've notived small bumbs, can only feel them. Like a dry skin texture? Will these fade over time? Also ,some of my discolorations are still here. Will they continue to fade?? Or is this the results I have? I was told your skin continues to transition for up to 4 months? What's your opinion? Does that mean brown spots will continue to fade in the process of "healing"? - thanks

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Post Halo Laser and Still Healing

I suggest you speak to your physician.  It can take a few weeks to heal depending on the combination used with Halo Laser and you may be getting some acne at this point that should also be treated to ensure best healing.  Dr. Emer.

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Healing post Halo for freckles/discolorations

Your treating physician will be able to guide you best as he or she knows the scope of the treatment and the specifics about you. BBL/ipl may be used to address the pigmentation issues.

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Halo Treatment

It is always best to follow up with the provider who performed the treatment is ensure that you are healing normally with no issues.  The skin does improve over months with the Halo, but a series may be needed depending on the severity of the issues.  A combination treatment with BBL (BroadBand Light) is wonderful to fully treat pigmentation issues. 

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Post Halo Treatment results

There is a treatment grid that we apply when assessing skin for treatment of pigmentation, texture/pores/fine lines and scars.  Pigmentation responds best to more superficial depths of treatment and more 'density' of placement of the columns of energy.  As textural issues become more of the equation, depth is increased as is density.  When the skin is demonstrating mostly scarring is when we treat the most deeply with both laser energies.   A 450 micron depth is more for scarring than pigment.  Rest assured you will still see some improvement, but more for texture and scar rather than pigment.  I will often pretreat a patient with significant pigment issues with BBL prior to moving on to the final Halo Treatment. This gives a patient best treatment of each modality for both pigment and texture.

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2 Weeks Post Halo....

Redness can persist for a few weeks post treatment (depending on skin tone).  It is not out of the norm to still feel some dryness and bumps at the 2 week mark.  It is true your skin will continue to improve months after your initial treatment.  However, depending on your severity and skin condition prior to the Halo, you may need a second treatment.  Be sure to follow up with your provider and he or she will also recommend an optimal skin care regimen to maintain your results post laser. 

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Discolorations post-HALO

Was HALO the only treatment you received because you should see results within 14 days. It's important to know the percent coverage of your treatment.  All of those tiny brown spots should have flaked off.  If there are still discolorations that you want to correct you can go for another HALO treatment. I use Broad Band Light to reduce redness post-halo. Also, some of my clients get facials post-halo. My clients gave positive feedbacks with both treatments.   Follow up with you Dr. to see what other treatments they offer to help with your concerns. 

Robert G. Aycock, MD, FACS
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