21 Year Old Male, Neanderthal-Like Forehead - Options and Cost?

Iam a 21 Year Old Male with a Neanderlike Forehead and I Would Like to Correct This and Know the Cost of the Procedures?

Update: Photos here.

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Forehead shaving

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True neanderthal appearance with protrusion of bone or bossing above the eyebrows is best treated by burring down the boney prominences. This is best done via a skin incision above the hairline in the scalp. Some surgeons apply hydroxyappetite cement after the burring to get the best forehead shape.

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Forehead Contouring

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Without pictures, it is impossible to give you specific advice.  There are two options.  You can have a surgery which can shave down the bones the help soften size and shape.  Alternatively, you can have injections of dermal fillers in the less protuberant areas to help comoflague the projecting areas.  This would be the least invasive alternative.


Good Luck.

Neanderthal surgery!

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I would need to see photos of how you look to tell you your options and what the cost would be to correct these.

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