I Hate my Nose. Describe What Needs to Be Done? (photo)

So yea my "pig" like nose, is horrible! I hate it. From front, my nostrils are kind of visible, & I kind of have a round nose tip?? I dont know, & from the side my nose looks short?! but yea I hate my nose. I get teased, like when people I know make faces to make their nostrils visible like mine, lol I know, It kinda brings me down & wanting to have surgery so baaaad!!!!!!! When I smile hard core & look in the mirror it doesnt look that bad? Lol

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Suggestions for Nose

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There are many things that could be done. Working from the top down you have a very deep nasal bridge. This could be built up with diced cartilage grafts wrapped in a fascia graft. That will build the bridge well. You also need your nose lengthened and the tip rotated downward. It would help to get more definition and projection of the tip as well with suturing techniques as well as trimming the cartilage if needed. Overall, I can not really give you solid advice without an exam. Seek a board certified surgeon who specializes in Rhinoplasty surgery. That will be your best bet and I think you could have a great result.

Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Short, Wide Nose

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To improve your nose it should be lengthened while narrowing the tip and base of your nose, and augmenting the bridge. A rhinoplasty will significantly improve your nose as long as you select an experienced surgeon because this will be a difficult operation.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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