Will 2 Hr Flight 10 Days After W/ a Doughnut Drastically Reduce the Results of BBL?

I got the whole "no sitting" for 3 weeks. I'm flying to Miami for my procedure. I want to maintain as much fat as possible and my surgeon has thoroughly explain to expect approximate 30% absorption. Im staying in Miami for 10 days and taking a 2hr flight with a 1hr 30 min layover then a 50 min flight back home to recover for the remaining 3 weeks. Will the sitting time with a doughnut for my flights drastically reduce my desired results?

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Should you sit on a Doughnut after the Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Absolutely not.... in my opinion. 

It's very obvious, there are very different opinions as to what is the "best" recommendation for Brazilian Butt Lift patients. 
First of all, I DO NOT recommend flying 10 days after having the Brazilian Butt Lift.  I do not believe it is the best thing for your fat cells, nor do I believe it is as safe for patient's overall health regarding the risk of developing Blood Clots. 
I have to also Strongly Disagree with the idea of using a Doughnut!!!   The doughnut was designed to relieve pressure from the anus and perineum areas for patients with hemorrhoids or who have had surgeries in this area.  It does this by placing additional pressure on your buttocks cheeks!  That's exactly what we are trying to avoid!  That makes no sense whatsoever to me.  I have performed this procedure for about 14 years and have never, and would never recommend someone sit on a doughnut after this surgery.    

Best to avoid sitting for as long as possible after a Brazilian Butt Lift

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Hi there-

We do lots of Brazilian Butt Lifts, and have many patients travel to us as well...

Obviously, sooner or later you're going to need to get back home, but I usually tell my patients that I would like for them to stay in Orlando for as long as they possibly can.

If 10 days is the limit of what you can give, then I would say if you gotta go, you gotta go. When you do get on the airplane, I usually prefer that my patients use different techniques than the doughnut pillow, as I think this particular device does put unnecessary pressure on the grafted fat.

Your best bet is to discuss this with your surgeon, as only he will know what works well in his practice.

Brazilian butt lift and sitting after surgery

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When I have patients from out of town I do ask them to stay in Miami for 10 days. my out-of-town patients have not reported a change in the buttocks after their flights home. I would suggest not to use a doughnut because the doughnut will make uneven pressure on the buttocks which may make the buttocks not smooth your better off sitting on a flat surface because of flat result is better than A uneven result.

What you can do is to shift your weight in the seat during the flight, lean to the right, lean to the left, lean forward and then leaned back.

The price for the liposuction fat injection in my office is between $5400 and $6000 depending on the amount liposuction.In addition we are offering a $500 fall recession discount.

Wendell Perry, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Will 2 Hr Flight 10 Days After W/ a Doughnut Drastically Reduce the Results of BBL?

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Most likely not. Please follow up with your doctor as these issues require the attention of a plastic surgeon.

Ron Hazani, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills General Surgeon
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Brazilian butt lift and traveling

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Traveling after a Brazilian butt lift is certainly acceptable, but you need to take a few things into consideration. Results will not be compromised if you follow these recommendations.

Do not use a doughnut cushion, this will not provide the necessary pressure relief to protect the newly implanted fat cells. I recommend a cigar-shape cushion under the thighs. This cushion will lift your buttocks and will avoid pressure on them.

Walk a few times toward the bathroom. This will stretch your legs and pump your blood, which helps avoid clots.
If traveling, stay in the area where you are having your surgery for at least 10-14 days.

Brazilian Butt Lift and Flying

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Typically speaking we have patients use the doughnut pillow as much as possible as it avoids trauma to the fat cells. That being said, we also give patients medical protocol letters for flights that are given to the flight attendent so that you may stand most of the flight. I'm a big beleiver of the doughnut as it avoid pressure and helps increase fat survival rate.

Moises Salama, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Brazilian Buttock lift

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After Brazilian Butt Lift, with a special compression garment and little sitting. If sitting then must sit on one or two dough nut. You can travel after 10 days but keep moving your ankles up and down, move in the airoplane, to prevent deep venous thrombosis.Garment and dough nut will protect your fat.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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