If I Wanted to Get 1200cc Per Buttocks Cheek with Fat Transfer, Would That Make a Huge Difference?

I am looking for a hip hop girl/Jlo kind of bum, I want it VERY big and prominent. Would 1200cc make a huge difference? Or would implants be a better option if i want a massive buttocks?

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Brazilian butt lift and large buttocks

When you do a liposuction and fat injection which you doing is taking storage areas away from the  abdomen, back and flank and injecting it into the buttocks.

In my hands if I liposuction 3000 mL of fat about one third of that or 1000 mL are good fat cells that can be put back in. Of the thousand cc of fat that's injected in my best case scenario about 700 mL of fat will live and give a permanent result. Some unable to remove 3000 mL of fat with the liposuction I expect to have 700 mL of fat available to make a permanent change in the buttocks. It is not the case that if I get out 3000 mL of fat I have 3000 mL to put back in. Some of which taken out will be oil, dead fat cells, blood and fluid only the good cells can be used to reinject.

In my opinion the liposuction plays a huge role in how hips look. If you can create a narrow waist with a liposuction the hips always look better. It's the difference in diameter between the waist and hips that make a woman curve. If you have big hips and waist is just as big you don't look curvy. So the liposuction probably plays as an important role in creating the curves as the fat injection.

Implants cannot make as good looking buttocks as fat injection. The fat injection can be placed in an artful fashion to create the buttocks that you want. The implant is only giving you projection in one area which is not necessarily an attractive hip-hop buttocks. Liposuction fat injection is the best way to go. A good liposuction will make you curvy and it just may be academic how big the buttocks is. If the buttocks has a good shape and is a tiny waist it will look good.

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If I Wanted to Get 1200cc Per Buttocks Cheek with Fat Transfer, Would That Make a Huge Difference?

Most likely yes but it depends on your shape and size. I routinely transfer between 1200 to 1800 cc to each side. Seek a plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of these procedures, has great reviews and photos, and is an expert in this field.

Ron Hazani, MD, FACS
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1200cc of fat grafting is a lot of volume in the Brazilian Butt Lift technique

Hi there-

The answer to your question is yes- 1200 cc is a large volume that should lead to a significant change in your body shape (of course without examining you it is impossible to say).

On the other hand, the more you graft at once, the greater the risk of resorption.

If your goal is maximum graft volume and take, I would recommend staging the result in two operations. This will be more expensive, and you will have two recovery periods, but will allow for more overall volume to be grafted with less resorption.

Armando Soto, MD, FACS
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Brazilian Buttock lift

Brazilian butt Lift by fat transfer involves liposuction of the fat from you , preparing and cleaning that fat, then injecting the fat in small packets and in different layers so it has the best chance of fat taking as a graft. Injecting large volume in one place will not take and disolves and forms fat cand oil cysts.

1200cc will make a huge difference if 80% of it takes.

You  stand a better chance of fat taking if the fat transfer is done in two stages.

Also Brazilian Butt is not only injecting fat, it involves reshaping the body and the countours around the buttocks to give the best results.

Samir Shureih, MD
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