Is It Common To Use Payment Plans for BBL?

I want a bigger buttock, but cannot afford it in one payment. How can I find a payemnt plant option? 

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Surgeon's office will give you details

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There are financing options offered by surgeons. The financing company pays off your surgery for you, and then you make monthly payments to the financing company. These payments can be just a couple hundred a month. When you find a surgeon, ask about this option.

Most surgeons offer payment and financing options

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Hi there-

Most surgeons offer a few options for payment and financing. Find a surgeon whose outcomes you admire, and visit for a consultation.

Are payment plans common for the Brazilian Butt Lift ?

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Payment plans are very common forms of financing cosmetic surgery. Patients either don't have the funds for the surgery, or prefer to hold on to their money and just pay monthly fees to the financing company. Financing is especially common as a means of affording the Brazilian Butt Lift, which in our office has become the number one procedure. Of course, you have to be deemed credit worthy by the financing company.

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Brazilian butt lift and payment

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Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that I do the most in my practice. In Miami the prices for cosmetic surgery are cheaper than a lot of other places in the country. The pricing that I charge here is between $ 5400 and $6000 depending on the amount of liposuction need.

Each office may have set up accounts with different finance companies. 2 of the common finance companies  are care credit and chase financial. You'd have to see what plans your doctor may have an applied to these different finance companies to look for financing.

You can check online and apply for financing on your own with these 2 companies. 

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