Lip Lift Side Effects and Scars

I had a lip lift augmentation 2 years ago and my scars around the (outside) border of my lips (top and bottom) feel hard, stiff, tight and very uncomfortable. They also burn, and my lips are very sensitive from the scars. I hate speaking/talking because it is soo uncomfortable. Is there anything that I can do to make my lips feel soft and settle the pain and sensitivity?  Getting this kind of lip lift was the worse mistake I have have ever made in my life.

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Helping Lip Lift Scars

Lip Lift Scars generally go around the edges of the lips and are subject to motion and the stresses of "circular" scars that often heal with hardening and redness.  At this point, I would see your Plastic Surgeon, but most commonly steroid injections can be placed into the scars in a serious of treatments that both soften the hardness, make them feel more comfortable, and decrease the redness.  This would be my first approach.  Some mild massage and topical silicone gel(which is available in liquid form as in Strataderm) can help in the meantime.  If the redness persists, Fotofacial IPL treatments can help, with the last resort being re-excision of the scars with steroid injections placed at the time of scar removal.  Hope this helps.

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Steroids may help the lip scars!

The judicious use of steroid injection into the scar may improve the tightness and sensitivity.  This needs to be done gradually so not to get atrophy in the injected area.  If there is still erythema to the scar, a pulse-dye laser may have benefit.

Paul Blair, MD
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Steroid injections may be helpful

Steroid injections may help to soften the scars. Also sometimes a revision procedure may help to excise the scarred area. You probably need to see your surgeon again. 

Chris Thiagarajah, MD
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Steroid injections are still an option 2 years later

The incisions may have healed with a hypertrophic component, causing scar sensitivity, buildup, and tethering.  Even though your surgery was year ago, a steroid injection with a product called kenalog may help to soften the scars once more.  My experience also has shown it to be independantly effective in decreasing the sensitivity too.  Mke sure you follow up with your surgeon to aid in your recovery.

Kevin Robertson, MD
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Steroid injections would be a start for scars

While I am not sure exactly what surgery was performed, I would suggest talking with your plastic surgeon about steroid injections. For scars which are still firm after an extended period, steroid injections can help to reduce the deep scarring.

D.J. Verret, MD
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Tough issue but possibly steroid injections might help

My guess is that you have thick skin and are prone to a little thicker scar formation. The two options that I might consider include steroid injection to soften the scar and reduce the tight sensation. If this does not work then excising the scar and carefully approximating the wound followed several weeks later by steroid injection would be my alternative strategy.

Having stated the above your situation has been reported by other patients who have had the procedure you describe which is a "vermilion lip advancement" rather than a "subnasal lip lift"(which I have written about and presented at educational symposia). The incisions for the lip lift are actually right below the nose while the advancement procedure utilizes the incisions you described. I no longer do the vermilion advancement for the upper lip but have had great success combining the lower lip advancement with the subnasal lip lift! In fact some patients travel a great distance to have this combination which is required when there is too much distance between the nose and upper lip vermilion border.

S. Randolph Waldman, MD
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