How many syringes of Bellafill does it typically take to fill under the eyes to resolve hollow look in the tear trough area?

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Bellafill/Artefill under the eyes

I really do not suggest Bellafill/Artefill under the eyes in the tear trough area. This is a permanent filler and if you do not like it  we can not remove it. I suggest using Juvederm or Restylane in this area. This is a more difficult area to treat and it is far better to treat with a filler that is not permanent and that can also be removed.
if you want to be treated in this area you want to see a Cosmetic  Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeon or Cosmetic Ophthalmologist with a lot of experience treating this area.

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BellaFill for tear trough

The number of syringes needed in an area is patient dependent.  I would estimate that you would need 1-3 syringes, but it is hard to say without being able to evaluate the area.  As with any filler it is very important that you choose a skilled injector.  BellaFill is more technically advanced than an HA filler (Restylane) and you will want someone who is experienced and skilled, not only with the filler, but with the area of injection.  

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Bellafill for Under the Eyes

Bellafill can be an excellent choice for filling lower eyelid volume loss and tear troughs. On average, it takes about one half syringe per side to correct a lower lid tear trough problem. If there is associated volume loss of the area can be more. I have used as much as 2.5 syringes per side on occasion. Remember that a syringe of Bellafill has 0.8 ml in it.

Be very careful as to who is injecting it since there is very little room for error with this filler. Under the eye there is an increased risk for lumps but these seem to settle for most patients in time. Occasionally we need to inject a little steroid into the lump to settle it just like we would with any heavy thick scar which is what the lump usually is. In order to reduce the risk for these issues the injector should use a micro cannula and “airbrush” the filler in place to get a more accurate result with less trauma.

Bellafill under the eyes is one of the areas that can give patients the most dramatic and pleasing results. I have added a link to some before and after photos for you.

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Bellafill is not generally recommended for under the eyes

We typically do not recommend Bellafill for use under the eyes, due to the sensitive nature of this area and the long-term results of Bellafill. A better option could be a hyaluronic acid gel filler such as Restylane, which has temporary results and can be fairly easily removed if the patient does not like how it looks. I recommend visiting a board-certified dermatologist with experience in treating under eye hollows for an in-person consultation and custom treatment plan. 

William Groff, DO
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