Why does my stomach look indented? (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck 7 weeks ago and my upper tummy is indented. I can feel that is where the stitching seems to stop. The more I wear the ab board, the worse you can see the intention.

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Contour problem after TT

Thanks for your pic and question. Have you discussed this with your PS? It is hard to know from the picture alone what is going on. It could be fullness above and below or an indentation. There are many reasons for contour issues: liposuction, direct fat removal from the undersurface of the skin, muscle plication issues, and pre-existing contour issues. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. 

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Why does my stomach look indented?

Best to get evaluated by your operating surgeon because he or she will be able to properly evaluate you in person. It may represent the end of the your muscle repair, causing the muscle just above to bulge out. But as my colleagues have suggested, best to get checked by your operating surgeon to determine the exact cause. Good luck!

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Dent in tummy after tt

Hi BlondegirlIt really is impossible to answer why you have the dent, without more information, especially op report.  That said, several reasons could be uneven lipo, something to do with sutures, uneven resolution of swelling.This is not an acute emergency, so don't panic.  Contact your doctor and have him evaluate it and see what is next.
Good luck.

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Why does my stomach look indented?

Thank you for your question and photograph. If you can feel that your stitches stopped just below this upper abdominal fullness what has likely happened is that your muscles were not appropriately tightened along their entire length and as a path of least resistance the upper abdomen will bulge outward during any activities that increase stomach pressure, such as bearing down.  Unfortunately the only correction is to tighten these muscles with sutures to match the tension of your lower abdomen.  

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Why does my stomach look indented?

There are a lot of reason why you could have fullness at your upper abdomen. One is that the plication wasn't carried out high enough. Another is the plication suture could have come undone at the top secondary to tension like coughing, sneezing, vomiting or strenuous activity before you were cleared to do so. You could have a hematoma or seroma. Your garment could be creating a crease at the point where it indents which usually happens in a sitting position. Garments can cause strange things if worn too long. If liposuction was done in that area it might just be swelling. If is best if you see your PS and ask them.

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