What procedure would you perform to revise this thigh lift? (Photo)

i had a medial thigh lift with groin incision in sept. 2013 and unfortunately for me, it did not do well. i am left with sagging skin. i do not want a scar to my knees. in your opinion(s) what are my options to correct this?

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Thigh Lifts with Vertical Incisions

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It's not unusual for massive weight loss patients who require thigh lift surgery to be apprehensive about the vertical incision that's commonly used with this procedure. In your case, you've elected to have a thigh lift through a transverse groin incision to avoid this vertical incision. This transverse incision is able to tighten skin in the vertical dimension, but has no impact upon skin in the transverse dimension.

Unfortunately, excess thigh skin is a multi-dimensional problem and this approach doesn't address excess skin in both directions. This excess skin is clearly demonstrated in your post-operative pictures.

Liposuction by itself wouldn't correct this problem and would ultimately result in additional skin sag. Under these circumstances, removal of residual excess skin in the transverse dimension will be necessary to provide an aesthetically attractive thigh contour. This will require conversion of your current thigh incision with an extension along the inner aspect of the thigh towards the knee.

It's important to remember that cosmetic surgery often involves trade-offs. In this case, the trade-off is between improved thigh contour and additional scarring. If you're considering this trade-off, it's important to discuss this issue with your plastic surgeon. Your surgeon should be able to help you with this difficult decision.

Revision thigh lift surgery

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The only way to significantly improve the shape of your thighs and address the significant skin excess would be to add a vertical scar starting from the groin scar and extending halfway down the inner thigh or even longer. This would effectively address skin redundancy in a circumferential direction. You may also require more skin excised along the anterior aspect of the groin scar that you already have to address skin redundancy in the vertical direction. Fortunately, it appears that you thin, fair skin and scars tend to heal well in that case.

Thigh lift

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To get the result you are looking for you would need a vertical incision along the inside of your thighs to remove the excessive skin.  Best wishes

Russell Ashinoff, MD, FACS
Red Bank Plastic Surgeon

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Thigh lift revision

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Hello and thank you for your question. The only way to get an optimal result unfortunately is to do a longitudinal (vertical) thigh lift. Not only that but I would suggest doing it possibly in 2 sessions.  The first would be to do a decompessive reduction of the thighs using liposuction.  At the 2nd an aggressive thigh lift can then be performed. 
Peter Fisher M.D. 

Peter Fisher, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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