In need of getting JP drain removed?

I'm out of town of where I had my procedure done and I am due to have drain removed. I have tried going to ER and they say they won't touch it has to be original surgeon but I'm out on business and need it removed. What can I do?

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Drain Removal

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Hello and thank you for your question. You should definitely contact your own plastic surgeon and confirm the scheduled drain removal, and whether or not it can wait until you return to town. If it does in fact need to be removed while you are out of town then your own surgeon would likely be able to direct you to someone he trusts to complete the removal on his behalf. Good luck.

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In need of JP drain removal

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Hi, there.
If you think that your JP is in need of removal, please contact your plastic surgeon. Your plastic surgeon will 1) confirm or deny your need for drain removal, and 2) he/she can recommend a plastic surgeon who may be able to remove your drain where you are traveling at.
Best regards.

Check with your surgeon

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It may be better to leave the drain in.
They are extremely cumbersome, however a seroma buildup while traveling would be more of a problem
Check in with your surgeon.

JP drain removal

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I think its best that you call your plastic surgeon and ask them how to proceed. Your plastic surgeon may know someone in the area you are currently in and they can ask them to see you and pull the drain. Many times, plastic surgeons are very cautious when it comes to treating anyone that has had surgery by another plastic surgeon. We believe that the surgeon that performs the surgery should be completely involved with the patient from beginning to end. Good luck and I hope this helps!

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JP drain - needs to be remove but out of town

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Thank you for asking about your JP drain.
  • You need to contact your plastic surgeon and explain your dilemma.
  • Your surgeon will either see you on your return or can refer you to a plastic surgeon in the city where you are on business, if s/he knows one personally.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Best wishes - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Out of town

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The best thing you can do is speak with your plastic surgeon and explain your situation.  He/She may have the name of a surgeon close to your location who can help you out.  Be sure to have output information available when you call, as that will be needed.

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Out of town

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Thanks for your inquiry.  Please call your surgeon, he/she might know a colleague in the town where you are and call that surgeon to help you.  Good Luck.

Post Mommy Makeover Surgery & Need To Get My Drains Removed - What Do I Do?

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Functioning independently of your plastic surgeon in the early post operative period is a chancy game.  Each plastic surgeon has his or her own paradigm for drain removal.  The best advice any online RealSelf plastic surgery expert can give is to contact your own personal plastic surgeon, explain your situation, and ask for a referral. 

In the past, I have gone on record stating that the three keys elements to being a good plastic surgeon are the hand (technical skill), the eye (artistic and aesthetic understanding of the area being operated on), and the heart (concern and empathy for what your patients are going through pre and post operatively).  However, I must add a new category necessary to good patient care, and that is to be an outstanding plastic surgeon, one must have friends. 

Plastic surgery patients often are out of town when needs arrive or complications develop.  Involvement and participation in national and regional plastic surgery organizations allow Board Certified plastic surgeons to know their colleagues and be able, at times, to ask for colleagial support.  Another advantage of going to a Board Certified plastic surgeon is that we are networked.  In general, we will help each other by helping each other's patients. 

I strongly urge you to call your personal plastic surgeon.

In need of getting JP drain removed?

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Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear of your drain pulling difficulties. I would speak to your surgeon's office about any local board certified plastic surgeons that they may know who would be willing to work with you to have the drain removed.  Alternatively it is okay to maintain the drain in place despite diminishing output as long as you don't have any signs of an insertion site infection.  Please call your surgeon's office for the most appropriate care recommendations. 

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Drain removal

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Hello. Consider contacting your plastic surgeon for a referral to a local  board certified plastic surgeon who can evaluate you and remove them. 


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