Hot Weather Impeding Rhinoplasty Recovery?

Hello, Im a male and had rhinoplasty about a month ago and although I'm thrilled with the results, my skin feels very thick and it doesn't seem to bend to the new shape of my nose on the sides (the skin looks curved but the bone of my nose is now perfectly straight!). Im wondering if this is because there's been a really bad heat wave here and the hot weather is keeping me swollen? My face is frequently sweaty. I wear sunblock and hats but I have no choice and have to go to work.

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Hot Weather and Rhinoplasty

While it is completely normal to have nasal swelling even a month after rhinoplasty, I am sure the heat will have some impact on your swelling and recovery.  Heat causes blood vessels to dilate which leads to more blood pumping and more swelling.  Sounds like you're taking all the necessary precautions.  It is very important to wear sun block and guard against a sunburn on the nose immediately following rhinoplasty. 

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The effect of weather on rhinoplasty outcomes.

The short answer is we don't know, but its possible. Since there are so many other bigger factors affecting outcome, its unlikely it will ever be put to the scientific test. Its tempting to say hot weather affects swelling because it feels intuitively right. But the degree of the possible effect is anyone's guess. Mine is its very minor.

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Wheather Affecting Rhinoplasty Results

Dear Alex,


The recovery/healing process is prone to several variable and the unusual hot weather may be playing a role slowing this process down but minimally.

At 1 months after surgery, your still swollen and your final results get usually established at about 12 months post  surgery (a little more if you have a thick nasal skin).

That said, I recommend that you follow your surgeon's post-op instructions and to make sure that you are having enough rest without engaging in strenuous exercise and to keep low to no salt in your food to decrease the swelling.

Also, if you are experiencing a dry nasal mucosa, then keeping it moist with nasal saline spray helps picking up the pace of recovery.

I hope this helps and thank you for your inquiry.

Best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian


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Hot Weather

Good question: Hot weather always increases soft tissue swelling.  However, will this effect your rhino result?  Probably not in the long run.

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