Is It Possible to Reverse Hair Loss from Hormone Imbalance?

Is hormone imbalance dangerous? I'm trying to find out more about hormone imbalance, treaments and if it is possible to reverse hair loss from hormone imbalance.

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Hormones and Hair Loss

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Hormones and hormonal changes are the leading cause for hair loss. Whether or not your hair is recoverable depends on the cause of your hormone imbalance, for which there are many. From a genetic predisposition to birth control pills to menopause, there are natural causes of hormone imbalance and preventable ones. Consult your primary care physician about getting your hormone imbalance under control, which is the most important thing. Your hair may grow back as a result. If it does not, there are several hair restoration options.

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Hair Loss Can Be Due To Various Factors

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There are many reasons for hair loss of which imbalanced hormones may be one of them. For example we have seen hair loss in both abnormal thyroid levels being either too high or too low. I recommend you see a bioidentical hormone replacement specialist to be accurately tested.

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It may be possible

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Hair loss can have many causes and hormonal causes are common. Women who have excess testosterone (the male hormone) can develop male-pattern type hair loss (as well as other symptoms like deepening of the voice or hair growth on the chin and face).

Consult a board-certified dermatologist if you have hair loss as there are many potential causes and treatments. Blood tests can easily check levels of male and female hormones. If there are hormonal abnormalities, you may need to see an endocrinologist or OB/GYN who specializes in this area to look for the cause.

Hormonal hair loss can sometimes be treated with spironolactone in women and finasteride in men. These both have potential side effects and should be used only under the supervision of your doctor. Minoxidil (Rogaine) does not address the hormonal causes of hair loss, but may still be useful is stopping hair loss or regrowing hair.

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