Anything to Help Hair Loss on a 26-year-old Woman?

I am 26 year old women and my hair started falling for 2+years now, I can see my scalp now what should I do? Is there any homemade medicine or anything I can use to improve it because now when I put my palm on my scalp I don't feel I have lots of hair and its hard to style it?

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You need to see a doctor for a proper exam if you want a proper diagnosis. Afterwards you can think about treatment.

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You need to see a doctor for a proper exam if you want a proper diagnosis. Afterwards you can think about treatment.

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Hair Loss in Young Women

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There are many causes of female hair loss. While the leading cause is androgenic alopecia, or pattern baldness, 26 years old seems young to have noticeably thinning hair on these grounds. Other causes of hair loss include: pregnancy, folic acid deficiency, iron deficiency, malnourishment, sleep deprivation, illness, drug use, thyroid disorder, hormonal imbalance. I recommend consulting your doctor and having some blood work and other tests done to determine what is causing your hair loss. You can move forward with a solution from there.

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See a Hair Loss Specialist to Determine Cause of Hair Loss

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To determine how to treat your hair loss, you’ll first need to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist who specializes in hair loss and hair restoration to determine the cause. The hair loss could be caused by a variety of factors such as female pattern baldness or could be a symptom of a health issue or medication you may be taking. Once the cause of the thinning is pin-pointed, your dermatologist can recommend treatment options.

Depending on the cause of your hair loss, it is most likely that a homemade remedy will not be effective in restoring your hair. For some women, topical treatments like Rogaine® may postpone further hair loss and even restore hair in some patients. Others may need more intensive measures to restore their hair’s fullness. Hair replacement surgery through microscope-assisted follicular grafting works by transplanting hair from a non-balding donor area to the area of hair loss to help restore hair’s fullness and coverage. However, because not every person experiencing hair loss is a good candidate for hair restoration surgery, it is essential to first determine the cause of hair loss.

Young Woman with Thinning Hair

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You should see a dermatologist and have your hair loss evaluated. From your description it is unclear as to what is causing your hair loss. It certainly could be female pattern hair loss, but there are a number of possible causes that could be causing your hair loss. Treat the condition and the hair loss may get better. This includes anemia, thyroid disease, other hormone conditions. So, first thing you should do is see a dermatologist to determine what the cause is.

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