What Does a Touch-up Correction Procedure Entail for Upper Blepharoplasty That Needs Some Repair? (photo)

I had insurance-covered upper blepharoplasty done 11 months ago but the creases ended up asymmetrical and set too low. There's also hooding that remains making the eyelids literally sit on the lashes. I've three questions: 1) will insurance cover any corrective surgery needed (since it covered the first); and 2) if it's just excess skin that needs removing, can this be done in the doctor's office, not the OR? and 3) what exactly does a "touch-up" correction procedure entail?

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Revisional blepharoplasty?

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You appear to have two things that contribute to your problem. One is relative extra skin still remaining in your upper eyelids. The other is droopy brows, which cause crowding of the upper eyelid area.  I cannot tell how much each is contributing to your problem. See an oculoplastic surgeon. Revisional blepharoplasty (as original blepharoplasty and most other eyelid surgeries) can be done in the office under local anesthesia.

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Eyelid surgery revision

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Your posted photo is shot at a downward angle and the hat covers too much of your forehead making analysis from it alone impossible. Therefore, it is impossible to say how it can be corrected.

Insurance only covers surgery if the visual field is significantly obstructed. If your visual field was not obstructed before the surgery and the insurance company finds out about it there will be repercussions. If there was visual field obstruction and you still have it they will cover the revision. If you do not currently have visual field obstruction they will not cover the revision.

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Surgery to correct upper blepharoplasty surgery.

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I need to see better photographs of your eyes to give you a proper answer. My guess is that you probably need forehead lift to correct the problem that you have.

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Eyelid Revisions

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Without an exam and better photos, I cannot answer your question. Revisions can be done if necessary, In my past, however, I waited 4-6 months before I considered any.You can discuss this with your surgeon.All the best

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