Can Hitting Your Nose Lighlty Cause a Broken Nose/permanent Change in Shape?

hi my nose has been the most accidental-prone nose ever,first it was swollen due to me severely squeezing blackheads ,causing infection,then when it hadn't even healed from the swelling-though it was improving I lightly hit my nose,it went red for a few seconds which caused eyes to prick ,Its been 2 days me and Its sore and itchy and i think my already swollen nose has gone worse will my nose go back to its original form and how long will it take to heal?thank you in advance!

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Swollen nose

Dear heyman,

  1. If you are prone to blackheads and you have squeezed them enough to get an infection, you should really see an aesthetician who can help you clean your pores
  2. The distorted shape of your nose is likely related to the infection you, but to be sure, you should visit a specialist to evaluate you if you are concerned
  3. If you did not have a bloody nose, then you likely did not break it

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Can Hitting Your Nose Lighlty Cause a Broken Nose/permanent Change in Shape?

The risk of a broken nose is usually related to the severity of the injury. With that said, even a mild injury can break and distort a person's nose. If you think your nose is broken, or if the shape appears to have changed, you should consult with an ENT/ Facial Plastic Surgeon immediately. In the first two weeks, there are straight-forward, minimally invasive options to straighten a broken nose. Beyond two weeks, a rhinoplasty is typically required to remedy a broken nose. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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Leave your nose alone.

Minor trauma to the nose will not cause any permanent problems. Swelling is usually gone a few days unless you continue to picket the skin which only aggravates the problem.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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