Should I stress about this little mole I have? I've already had it diagnosed briefly by my doctor who was not worried at all.

So the mole I'm anxious over is on my stomach. Flat, smooth pretty rounded with the odd jagged edge. If I pinch it together it's the same on both sides. It hasn't changed in colour, shape. Pretty sure I had this before my first pregnancy. Hasn't caused me any itchiness, never been scabby or hairy. My doc wasn't concerned or worried at all, but did say if just to have peace of mind I can have it removed after my baby is born.

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Do What's Best For You--Mole Removal, Lasers, Shave, Radiowave

If you're concerned I suggest speaking to your Dr. again about removal. Moles can be removed with lasers, shave, and/or radiowave. Best, Dr. Emer

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