Tummy Tuck with High Blood Pressure?

I am a 34 yr young lady. After giving birth my blood pressure went up and it has been high ever since. My question is can I still get a tummytuck with high blood pressure?

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Get hypertension treated

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People with hypertension that is well controlled on medication can have cosmetic surgery, but may be more likely to have certain complications. Make sure you are under good control and tell your surgeon what you are on.

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Tummy Tuck with High Blood Pressure?

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Well controlled hypertension is not a contraindication to tummy tuck surgery and/or other elective plastic surgical procedures. Always best to check with your primary care physician for “medical clearance” prior to surgery. Managing your anti hypertensive medications around the time of surgery will be important. In my practice, I prefer the use of general anesthesia provided by a board-certified anesthesiologist. I hope this, and the attached link, helps.

Tummy tuck with high blood pressure?

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Hello! Thank you for your question! There are a few medical comorbidities that contribute to a higher risk during any surgical procedure including infections, wound complications, delayed wound healing, bleeding, anesthetic risks, etc. Hypertension is one that is known to have an increased risk during a procedure. There are a number of both systemic and local host factors that can contribute to high blood pressure. Hypertension itself is not a true contraindication to having any surgical procedure, but it should always be controlled. Risks that coincide with high blood pressure, such as coronary artery disease, pulmonary issues, varicosities, etc. can certainly be worrisome as the risk for other issues including MI, stroke, etc. can be severe. Complications such as bleeding and postoperative hematomas may be increased and hemostasis obtained well.

That being said, well-controlled high blood pressure should equate a minimal increased risk for the above and surgical procedures still safe and a reasonable decision. You should ensure adequate blood pressure control always, but also obtain medical clearance from your primary care physician that you are at an acceptable risk for undergoing a surgical procedure. For elective or aesthetic procedures, your surgeon may want to get you to a baseline level prior to consideration for a procedure. Discuss all of your medical comorbidities and medication with your surgeon prior and discuss these risks. Also, discuss this with your anesthesiologist as proper monitoring and medications will be watched closely. This procedure should still be very safe for you and hope for an uncomplicated course with an excellent result! Hope that this helps! Best wishes!

Lewis Albert Andres, MD
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Management of High Blood Pressure before Tummy Tuck

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Hi there-

It is very important that you have your high blood pressure appropriately evaluated by your medical doctor before considering any elective surgery.

While carefully managed hypertension is not a contraindication for surgery, we would want to have proven that there is no underlying cause requiring treatment and have successfully controlled the hypertension before surgery.

Once your high blood pressure is under control, you may safely proceed with your tummy tuck.

Tummy tuck and hypertension

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You should first have your high blood pressure worked up to see if there is an underlying issue that needs to be treated. Once this has been cleared up, and once your blood pressure is under control with medication, you could safely have a tummy tuck performed. Thsi is elective surgery, so everything should be optimized prior to the procedure in order to ensure your safety and the smoothest possibel recovery. Good luck and best wishes, /nsn.

Tummy tuck with high blood pressure

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You will need a FULL pre operative medical clearance before having this surgery. This is the ONLY safe way to go. Please be careful, you are a high risk for hematomae.


Tummy tuck and hypertension

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You should delay your tummy tuck until your blood pressure has been brought under control. If you are hypertensive, your chances of bleeding and other complications will be increased. Even if you do not undergo surgery, it is very important to have your hypertension appropriately treated.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Treated high blood pressure

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Treated high blood pressure is not high blood pressure. As long as you are in good health, and manage your pressure you should be fine. You will have a bit of increased risk, but if you get cleared by your internist, you should do well.

Tummy tuck safety with high blood pressure

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There are very many chronic medical conditions which are compatible with safe cosmetic surgery. The key to safety is full evaluation and control of the condition by your primary care physician beforehand. There is no problem in having a tummy tuck with controlled and managed high blood pressure. Your surgeon should be able to work closely with your family doctor to be certain that you are cleared and ready when the day of your tummy tuck arrives.

Best of luck.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Blood pressure and tummy tuck surgery

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Your OB-GYN and internist should have some insight into why your blood pressure remains elevated in the post-partum period. Get this issue managed and controlled before considering elective surgery of any kind. Your tummy tuck can wait. Long term hypertension puts you at risk for heart and vascular disease which can be life threatening.

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