Ridges in Tummy Tuck Scar - Will They Flatten Out?

I had tummy tuck 3 weeks ago and the sides where my hip bones are, have extreme ridges. the only area where the scar is flat is in the pubic, center area. i'm very thin 5'3, 92 lbs (after 2 kids, my skin deflated) i have almost no body fat and i'm thinking this might be why. under the scar (where hip meets thigh) there is only skin(nothing else) whereas the area above the scar has skin and some fat. wondering if this will ever flatten out? it's seriously like a cliff! that's how uneven it is.

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Does a stich in time save nine?

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Sometimes there can be a mound of tissue at either end of a tummy tuck incision. Some surgeons allow these to remain and settle over time. They will settle over several months. Some surgeons address these mounds at surgery by removing them resulting in a longer overall incision.

If the mounds were left and they settle/flatten then you avoided a longer incision. If they do not settle then the mounds can be removed usually under local anesthesia which results in an overall longer incision. The key is the body will be given the benefit of the doubt to correct this issue in hopes that you will avoid a more lengthy incision

Tummy tuck scar

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Most scars take 12 months to heal. We reccomend paper tape or silicone sheets on your scar to obtain the best result. Avoid tanning for 6 months on any scar.

Tummy tuck ridges

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You're still in the early stages after your tummy tuck, so I would suggest giving yourself a few more weeks for more of your swelling to resolve. At that point if you still have concerns, see your plastic surgeon and ask about the specific areas. All areas should be flat following a tummy tuck unless there was something unusual about your case, but only your surgeon could tell you this. Good luck, /nsn.

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Ridges after tummy tuck

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Tummy tuck healing is a long process; it will be months before there is a final result.

That being said there are some techniques, such as massage, that will help with the so-called ridge. The tissue will become more pliable with time and that ridge should flatten.

Sharon Theresa McLaughlin MD
Long Island City Plastic Surgeon

Scars will likely soften with time

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It is nearly impossible to predict at 3 weeks what your long term results will be. There is no doubt that some areas that are currently firm will soften wtih time.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 86 reviews

Ridges after Tummy Tuck

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The extent of skin excess determines the length of the Tummy Tuck scar. Moreover, after removal of the loose lower abdominal skin, there is an uneven amount of skin on either side of the surgical incision; more on the top and less on the bottom. When the wound is closed, such excess may TEMPORARILY produce mild ridging at the sides. This is NOT permanent and they flatten as the healing process proceeds in the coming weeks and months.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Scar flattening depends

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if you are referring to uneven skin edges along the scar line, these usually smooth out with time. If you are referring to residual loose skin in the lateral areas, this is usually referred to as a dog ear and sometimes needs surgical revision. The best thing to do is discuss this with your plastic surgeon.

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