Is It Safe to Use a Slendertone Belt After Tummy Tuck?

I had a tummy tuck 8 weeks it safe to do sit ups and use a toning belt (like Slendertone) now?

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Tummy Tuck Recovery

It does really depend on your surgeon so I would discuss this with him or her.  I usually allow my patients to return to full activity, no matter what it is that they want to do at about 6 weeks time.

Good luck.

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Sit Ups and SlenderTone belt use after Tummy Tuck

The main purpose of a Tummy Tuck is the placement of the tummy muscles back together and the taking out of slack in the abdominal muscular wall caused by pregnancy. This is done by stitching the muscles together in the midline in Medicalese PLICATION).

While the scar tissue deposited after the surgery glues the surgical repair together, extreme tension and pulling on the muscles could disrupt the repair (if it is more powerful than the stitches and scar tissue).

Every Plastic surgeon has his/her opinion on this topic but only your surgeon knows just how strongly they put the muscles together and can therefore estimate when enough scarring has taken place to withstand such sideways pulling.

As regards, the slendertone, consider me a serious skeptic. You could do a lot better with 150 dollars, in my opinion. Do a bit of research on Electrotherapy and electric belts and you will see that they were all the craze when Electricity was introduced. Claims of weight loss, muscle toning and even increased sexual desire and potency sold many such magical belts (Check out those old Sears catalogs). It seems one IS born every minute...

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Activity after abdominoplasty

It's really up to your plastic surgeon to clear you for activity, but most of use will allow sit ups after six weeks. I'm not familiar with the Slendertone belt, but I suspect that your surgeon will also allow this at this stage. Speak with your surgeon prior to doing anything at this point. Best wishes, /nsn.

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