Any suggestions to correct a protruding upper lip?

I am 18 years old and live in England. I want to know how I would go about correcting my protruding upper lip. Please can some one help?

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Suggestions for a Protruding Upper Lip

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Looking at your profile it looks as though your upper lip protrudes because you have an overbite.  This may be fixed through orthodonture.  If this is not an option, placing some filler in your lower lip may give your lips a more even look.  I would caution you that adding too much may make the contour from your lower lip to your chin look too extreme (on profile).  Make sure you see an expert injector who will find the right balance for you.  Good luck!

Protruding upper lip

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Thank you for the question JSmith321

Thank you for the photos.  It is difficult to offer suggestions without an in person examination.  Your lower jaw may be proportionately small compared to the upper which causes the appearance of a protruding lip. The key is to sort our the underlying cause then consider options for correction.  Best to be evaluated in person by a Plastic Surgeon.

Best of luck

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