Is Heartburn Normal After an Adjustment?

Had the lapband surgery August 08, 2012 with start weight 389. Now 2 months post op and I'm down to 351 pounds. Just had my second adjustment and I'm having major heartburn for over a week now. Is this normal. I'm not able to eat solid foods at all. I'm only taking in fluids and soft foods.

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Heartburn After An Adjustment

No, heartburn is not normal and may indicate that the band has been over adjusted.  This is something that needs to be brought to the attention of the clinic as long term blockage may cause stretching of the pouch.

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Heartburn after adjustments is not a good sign

Hello, unfortunately you should never feel heartburn after a lapband placement or adjustment Usually that is a sign that you are too tight and the food isn't going down properly from the gastric pouch above the band into the stomach below the band. This is not safe. You should always be able to eat solid foods by a few days after an adjustment, up to a week at most. I strongly suggest you get some of the fluid from your band removed as soon as possible. Good luck on your weight loss journey. :)

Monali Misra, MD, FACS
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