I was born with cleft lip and palate in 1969. I'm looking at total replacement top and bottom. I'm far from a normal case.

I still have a fistula, and have been told a bone graft is a must. I have a bad underbite as well. The place I went locally doesn't deal with insurance at all. I can't continue to live like this. Glue from dentures creeps thru fistula and I have to pick it out with a q-tip. I can't eat hardly anything. Any organizations that may help??? I also am curious as to any problems w implants???

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Snapindentures or all

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you need to have complete analysis,first.

There are 2 ways of restoring this , the first one could be with Snapindentures,

 with 8 minimplants, upper and 8 minimplants lower,

you will have a strong support with  snapindentures,

 and you will have a great result within a couple of days,

 shape size and even color,

 you will have that smile you always wanted back with a great confort and support.


All on 4 By Nobel Biocare,

its the best way to go if what you want is a screw retained  bar,

that you do not remove ,

 also you will have a strong solution,

 extractions (if you need them) and immediate setting of implants are done at the same proceedure,

and within acouple of days, you will be able to enjoy, a great smile ,

 with strenght and confort,

that smile you always wanted, this is the moment, shape, size and even color, you will be able to change.

 But yes, you have asolution!

Cleft Palate and fistula.

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I used to make a lot of obturators for cleft palate patients in the late 1970's thru the 1980's.  It has been several years now.  Implants can be used to make a snap in denture.  I used them to secure dentures with obturators.

The fistula may be closed with sliding flap without bone graft.  

Placing implants requires bone.  Bone grafts can be used to prepare fpr implants.

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