Hard Red Bump (Or Inflammation) Inside Nostril on Columella Sticking Out. Is This Permanent? Easy to Remove? (photo)

2 Months ago I had a closed rhinoplasty to remove the bump on bridge of nose and had cartilage removed on the tip to make it thinner. Since the day the cast came off I have a very red bump sort of thing inside my left nostril on the columella. The other side is a bit red but not nearly as big as the left side. Doctor said it is NOT AN INFECTION or bacteria and is not sure what it is. I took antibiotics and applied antibiotic cream just in case but it did not do anything. Have you ever seen this before?

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Hard Red Bump (Or Inflammation) Inside Nostril on Columella Sticking Out. Is This Permanent? Easy to Remove? (photo)

I see this a lot. It can be from many things. It can be a retained suture, protruding cartilage, scar, cyst and many other things. Without actually seeing it I can not really tell you which one it is. I do agree it is likely not infection. It sounds like your surgeon is giving you good advice. Usually these things do resolve over the course of 6 months to a year. Only a person actually looking at this area and watching it for you can tell you what is best. Keep an eye on it with your surgeon.

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Red Bump Inside The Nostril At 2 Months After Rhinoplasty



Although your photos are blurry and small, what you are expressing may be a suture abscess or an epithelial cyst but highly unlikely an infection.

I encourage you to follow your surgeon's instructions religiously and let nature take its course. Please bear in mind that you are at 2 months post-op and your nose should be almost 40% healed.

If the antibiotics did not work, corticosteroid injection may be of a certain help to your situation.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for your question.

The best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

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Hard Red Bump

Lots of possibilities: Folliculitis, stitch abscess, local traumatic irritation, impending graft extrusion (hope not), epithelial cyst, topical drug reaction, acne breakout, etc.  See your surgeon again and another Cosmetic Surgeon if necessary.

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Red Bump on Columella

Redness and bumps are not uncommon following rhinoplasty, though they usually resolve by the 1 month visit.  The red bump shown in the photo at 2 months is a little unusual.  I tend to agree that it is likely not an infection, but it's impossible to tell from just a photo.  In addition, the incisions for an endonasal rhinoplasty often don't extend to that area (though they can, depending on what is done during the procedure)

I recently did have a patient with soreness and redness at the columella 1 month following the surgery.  He essentially asked the same question you did.  As it turns out, that patient had a habit of "flicking" his nose/nostrils with the side of his fingers.  This was causing the incisions to remain red and irritated.  


It sounds like you're doing the right thing--trial of antibiotics, tincture of time...The one other thing to try is a small steroid injection to see if that calms the irritation down.  

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Hard Red Bump (Or Inflammation) Inside Nostril on Columella Sticking Out. Is This Permanent? Easy to Remove?

Yes the posted photo shows either a suture retained abscess. Or epithelial inclusion cyst that is inflamed. I recommend excisional removal. 

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