What Happens Once Jaw Bone / Teeth have Shifted? (photo)

Where do I start? I used to have a perfect smile and in the past couple years I’ve noticed its changed and looks completely different. My gums are receding my teeth shift and move my entire bottom left side seems to lean more and more inward towards my tongue I feel like I lost some jaw bone, when I bite down my teeth don't touch. I want to know is after all problem teeth and areas are fixed will gums stop receding and teeth stop moving? Am I going to need braces again to fix my bite and smile?

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Used to have a perfect Smile.

Your smile I agree was absolute perfect!!! OMG PERFECT


I am wondering what happened with your retainers. Teeth move throughout life It is the standard in our industry to wear some sort of retainer to bed for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. This is the best that can be done to preserve what you"had".


It looks like full treatment all over again. Invisalign or Braces and then RETAINERS FOR LIFE.


As far as your recession, some of that is bite, some life, some biochemistry. It needs to be monitored at regular checkup and advised accordingly.


I say go get your smile back.

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Complex changes in bite

Your description is wonderfully detailed and leads me to believe that you really need to see an orthodontist.  Teeth move throughout life and it sounds like yours have moved quite a bit, maybe more than average.  This may be due to not wearing retainers after treatment (we usually recommend some sort of retainer to wear at night to prevent teeth from moving over a period of time) or could be due to the nature of your original bite problem.  Since you are seeing so many changes a careful analysis of your case will provide with answers ... and solutions.

Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD
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