I Just Got Braces and Did Not Have Any Extractions, Why Has My Face Shape Changed?

Why are my temples sunken and my cheek bones sticking out? Will this last or is it a side effect of eating soft foods for a month? I look like Skeletor. Not good.

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Can Braces Change the Shape of Your Face?

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The most common change in facial profile that accompanies non-extraction orthodontic treatment is an increase in the protrusiveness of the lips. When crooked teeth are aligned they "round out" and move forward. If your lips have moved forward, it may actually give you the appearance that your face has changed.

Albuquerque Orthodontist

Face changes upon getting braces

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Have you lost weight since you got your braces?  Oftentimes patients lose a few pounds in the first several months of braces due to some changes in the diet and also the difficulty of eating certain snack foods they may be accustomed to.  However, this is usually not permenent (although it is sometimes welcome) and normal weight returns in a few months.  Other than this, there is no reason braces would make your cheek bones stick out or your temples look shrunken.

Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD
Seattle Orthodontist

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