Can ultrasonic fat cavitation damage hearing if used on the neck/chin?

I just had ultrasonic fat cavitation on my chin and neck area, the ringing in my ears has not stopped and I feel my hearing is effected. The more I research the more I see that it must never be used on the face but none of the sites say why, please tell me my hearing can not be permantly damaged, I am so worried now

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Ultrasonic Cavitation

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Thanks for your question and I am sorry for your current situation.It is highly unlikely that this technique would impair hearing because the nerves encountered in liposuction are superficial nerves.However, some of the nerve pain could have been referred to the ear, but it should not impact your hearing. It could impact some of the sensation around the auricle itself.However, it is not a bad idea to get evaluated by an ENT physician to make sure everything is okay with your hearing and so forth.I hope this helps.

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