Is It Possible to Lengthen Front Two Teeth with a Partial Veneer? (Photos)

After fixing a small chip a dentist removed 2mm from both of my top front teeth resulting in a shorter, rounded look. My original teeth are naturally squared off. My teeth are in great condition but the missing length and rounded shape doesn't look well with my smile. I've tried to bonding which just chips. Can I regain the length with a mini/partial veneer without removing any more tooth structure? Also, any recommendations for a lab/ceramist (brand) that can make these mini veneers? Linda

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Lengthen front teeth with veneers

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A porcelain veneer will cover the entire front of your tooth, and in the majority of cases will require removing a thin layer of tooth structure from the front of the tooth first.  WHY? If you place a veneer on the front of a tooth without "making room for it", in many many cases those teeth will end up looking and/or feeling too bulky, and looking like you just had veneers done, which is likely not the look you are trying to achieve.  In cases where the teeth are in ideal perfect alignment, with an ideal perfect bite, less tooth is removed, while in cases with crowded teeth or an imperfect bite more tooth would need to be removed...but I am talking about fractions of a millimeter to one millimeter in difference!

In the end, the choice to be made for you as a patient is 1) live with your shortened teeth as they are, or b) put your trust in a well-qualified cosmetic dentist to do what s/he needs to in order to give you back the look you want for your smile!


Ottawa Dentist

Partial Veneers

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Traditional veneers cover the entire front part of the tooth. You teeth could be lengthened with veneers if you bite allows it, otherwise your lower teeth may have to be adjusted.

Veneers with no preparation tend to make your teeth more bulky which in your situation might make everything look worse than it already is. 

A small amount of tooth should be removed so that the veneers will have a natural appearance.

Sylvan Fain, DDS
Miami Dentist

Is It Possible to Lengthen Front Two Teeth with a Partial Veneer?

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It is possible !! and different types of veneers can be provided. Veneers can change the shape, color, and length of patients’ teeth with the application of ultra-thin shells of porcelain.  Porcelain veneers are custom-made to fit perfectly over a patient’s original teeth, and the procedure can be completed in just two visits .Because the porcelain is translucent, much like a real tooth, porcelain veneers are extremely natural looking and blend in with surrounding teeth. Options like Crystal veneers and  Empress veneers. Go for a cosmetic consultation and you will have an idea.

Pamela Marzban, DDS
Fairfax Dentist

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How to Lengthen My Front Two Teeth?

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You would be a great candidate to lengthen your front two teeth with porcelain veneers, but you would need to remove some tooth structure from the outside of the teeth or they will look too bulky.  A small percentage of cases can be made to look natural without removing tooth structure, but you are not one of them.  You could not do a "partial" veneer as it would need to cover the whole outside of the tooth.  You will get a beautiful result with traditional veneers.  Good luck.

Partial Veneer

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THe veneer will need to cover the entire front of your teeth to have adequate strength and proper appearence.  Veneers can always be done without prepping the tooth but only about 20% percent will look great without some minimal preparation.  From the photo it looks like if you do a no prep veneer on just the two centrals, they will look bulkier than your other teeth.  A mockup with bonding material could be placed on your tooth to simulate the veneer thickness so you could see the effect added thickness will make.

Are there any veneers with minimal tooth removal.

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There are no such thing as partial veneers. Veneers themselves are a form of partial coverage . The only way to restore the length is full veneer. there is not much removed from teeth generally when you get a veneer. It is very thin in most cases. I hope you find a cosmetic dentist who cam help you. what am I about to mention below is not directed at you and it is just a general comment meant for everyone this panel . I hope the public benefits from it, and I hope it helps us dentists look at the big picture.

I like to conserve and save as much tooth structure on a tooth a the next guy, but  I will also give every one on this site something to think about and ponder on as to why is it that when a person seeks cosmetic surgery and reduces the size of their nose, they do not think twice about how much tissue of their healthy, well working nose is being reduced in order for them to achieve the aesthetic look, But with teeth almost everyone frowns upon rmoving tooth structure? This is due to the years of conditioning the public and the dentists. Becoming exposed to the imposition of the opinions of conservative dental community, that spills such Farce over to the public and dental schools . This is the conditioning that certain brands  took advantage of. Most competant cosmetic dentist on this panel or elsewhere whether they admit to it or not, know in 99.9% of cases there will be ttooth reduction.

There is a PERSON behind those teeth and as common as cosmetic surgery and removal of excessive body parts, so should be cosmetic dentistry . A pretty smile makes you feel confident and happy. helps you enjoy your years on this earth . Is one's mental health and spirit, great outlook in life, and  self love less important than tooth enamel? 

Lets try to look outside the box and at a bigger picture. With all due respect , the nonconformant dentist on this panel signs off....

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

Custom veneers are your best choice

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Once tooth structure has been removed it's gone. No prep lumineers or veneers can be used but it's hard to get a perfect match, look for a master ceramist to do your veneers. You'll get what you want and not worry about your current shorter teeth. dentist may try to sell you more veneers to guarantee the match but a master ceramist can do it,. Good luck. Dr. Richard Sprague. 

Richard Sprague, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist

Options for Lengthening Anterior Teeth

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I am so sorry that your teeth were so drastically reduced and the shape is now round and shorter. You mentioned ways to correct the the contour of the teeth, making them square, and adding length. Find a good cosmetic dentist!Ask him first about no prep veneers to add length and shape to your teeth. There is no tooth reduction at all with any non prep veneers.  Lumineers and Vivaneers are all brand names for non prep veneers.  Also you can look into full facial veneers but this will require reduction of the tooth but might turn out to be the most durable . Crown lengthening is another option you could pursue. The problem with non prep veneers is durability since they are so thin.  If you had problems with bonding breaking, you may have  bite issues that might cause a non prep veneer to break off as well.  My suggestion to you is to see a cosmetic dentist who does all of the above procdures and will lead you in the right direction.

George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Dentist

Lengthening of anterior teeth or "mini veneers"

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Upper central incisors are the most shown teeth during the smile, which identify the beaty and harmony of the smile. If the upper anterior teeth are chipped and the length is reduced, it is complicated to achieve long-term stable result with composite restorations. In the situation when the esthetics of upper anterior teeth is a concern some permanent pocelain solutions can be considered. No-prep veneers or Lumineers can be a good option in cases when patients do not have traumatic occlusion. The design and type of porcelain restorations should be determined by experienced cosmetic dentist. Ask your doctor to show you before and after pictures and discuss your options of esthetic restorations. 

Adding length to your teeth

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So sorry to hear so much was taken away from your front teeth.  I'm not sure if a partial veneer would work in your best interest.  Veneering process involves removing a thin amount of tooth structure off the front, sides and edge of the tooth.   The tooth surface removed is then replaced by a thin shell of porcelain.  The bonding of the veneers, if done correctly, can provide you with years of service from your new pretty smile.  That being said, a partial veneer or mini veneer just covering the edge may be more at risk for failure due to having less surface area to bond to.  Also, if you have a grinding or bruxism habit which may have contributed to the chipping initally, you will end up in the same place with chipped veneers.  If your dentist has identified areas of wear and suspects bruxism, they will recommend a night guard to protect  any porcelain restoration that you decide to go with.  Best of luck on your quest.

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