Can Veneers Be Done for Just Two Front Teeth to Close the Space Between Them?

Or they will they look much different comparing to the rest upper teeth? I heard that most of the time people get 6 or 8 veneers at once, but I am on a budget. Would be direct bonding a good alternative in a long run? I don't want to pay twice if I get bonding that may lasts few years and then to pay to replace the bonding with veneers. Any advice?

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Resin vs. Porcelain Veneers to Close Gap Between Front Teeth

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Sometimes less can be more, and in this case, cosmetic bonding may be what works best for your situation! Assuming that doing cosmetic work on just the 2 front teeth would significantly improve your smile and your confidence, this is a simple way to achieve a great-looking smile with less time, less money and less (no) tooth removal. Make sure that you find a qualified cosmetic dentist who has plenty of before and after photos of actual patients you can look at. Good luck!

Veneers for two front teeth

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Hey Anka10,

Sure, veneers can only be done on the two front teeth to close the gap.  It's something I do at my office frequently.  We just have to pay careful attention to make sure everything matches up well.  At our office, we have a master ceramist who makes the crowns, he's the one who will take the shade to make sure it's accurate. 

Good Luck!

Peter Mann, DDS
Manhattan Dentist

Porcelain Veneers: Closing gaps between teeth

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Yes, however a cosmetic specialist will be able to determine if that is your best option. If the gap is too large, 2 extremely wide teeth may appear over-sized relative to your other teeth, presenting a different cosmetic shortfall.

Best of luck.

James Asaf, DDS

James Asaf, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist


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It depends on the size of the space. There is an engineering proof called the Golden Principle which simply state says the width a tooth can be created and still look natural is dependent on the length. It is important that the veneer edges go under the gum a certain distance on the space side Dependent on how big the space is. Another idea is to cut some off the outside of the front teeth and bond or veneer the laterals and then bond the two centrals. This will create a beautiful balanced smile when done by a master cosmetic dentist.

Two Veneers may work to close your space

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The placement of two Porcelain Veneers will most definitely work if the pre-existing space between your two front teeth is not too large.  If the space is too large and you try to close it with just two Veneers it will make your Smile look unnatural. If there is a question about proportion and space a diagnostic wax up is the method to allow us to evaluate how many Veneers would be best or needed for your specific case. This trial or "mock" wax up will give you a realistic preview as to what you can expect from your final Porcelain Veneers. The question in your case is basically how much preexisting space exists between your two Centrals. Good Luck!

Howard Perlmutter, DMD
Paramus Dentist

2 Veneers to close a space

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When considering closing a space between the two front teeth you should discuss all options.  The options are 1. Orthodontics - this would close the space by moving your natural teeth together.  2. Cosmetic Bonding - this procedure involves adding composite resin, that is tooth colored, to the sides of the teeth to close the space.  3. Porcelain veneers - in most cases the some tooth structure is removed to allow the porcelain veneer to restore the structure and is fabricated to close the space.  Everyone's situation and budget is different.  So select a cosmetic dentist that is trained in all these procedures and discuss the pros and cons of each for your case.  In my office we offer a free cosmetic consultation and develop the appropriate plan for each patient.     

James D. Salazar, DDS
Encinitas Dentist

Closing Your Front Gap

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There are many times when I close the front gap with bonding-It can be beautiful and match your other teeth exactly.  Sometimes the space is large and you must spread the space equally over the 4 front teeth.  Have your dentist wax up your model and show you how you would look-Discuss bonding versus veneers and reasonable expectations.  Bonding is less costly and can last for years-maybe not forever but if you like your color, it is a great beginning treatment.  Once you do a veneer, you must always do veneers and remember they don't last forever either!  Make sure to whiten your teeth before you begin any treatment. 

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

Veneers or Bonding to Close Gap Between Upper Front Teeth

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Hi...good question and I am assured you will get multiplle answers. You mentioned you are on a budget and veneers are costly. I would say that if the space is not large between the two teeth, then two veneers will look esthetically pleasing and work for you. They are a permanent solution to your smile problem, and without question, you should be very happy. The second optiion would be dental bonding.  Dental bonding can be a very good solution and it does not always have to be a "temporary solution", if it is done well by the cosmetic dentist. It is by far within yoiur budget and will close the gap between your two front teeth beautifully.  The pros of having the bonding are : It is much, much cheaper and it is non invasive and you are taking down no enamel or tooth strcture.

The veneers are permanent and you will have enamel removed and the tooth reduced to accomondate the new veneers and there is no going back once this is done and the veneers are costly and you want to get high quality one since they are your two front teeth.

You need to get at least two opinions before you start this procedure and if the dentist or treament coordinatior sounds like they are only interested in selling veneers, I would run the other direction as fast as I can. Expensive is not always the best answer for the patient.  Do your homework and decide for yourself what is in your budget and what procedure YOU want!

George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Dentist

Porcelain veneers or composite bonding for central incisors

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The choice of esthetic restorations for upper anterior teeth usually depends upon several factors: size of central incisors, color, their position and pre-existing restorations. For intact teeth with big size orthodontic treatment is usually a more adequate long-term option helping to preserve the esthetics. For smaller teeth and intact enamel composite bonding can be an option. And in case of undesirable color or pre-existing restorations porcelain veneers always will be a more esthetic choice . If you want to improve your smile you can combine bleaching and veneers to some of the teeth. Experienced cosmetic dentist can give you a couple of option for esthetic improvement for your smile. 

Veneers on your two front teeth

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As long as the spacing is not an issue and the veneers will not appear too big then you should be able to just do two of them.  4,6 or 8 may be ideal but you have to do what you budget will allow.  Good luck to you



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