What is a Gull Wing Lip Lift?

What is involved in the gull wing lip lift? What does it do?

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Gull wing lip lift

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It's a procedure I do not recommend because it leaves a visible scar right in the kisser.

Secondly, it destroys a natural landmark, which is the vermillion roll. Go instead for the Bullhorn lift. The scar is hidden under the nose. 

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Gull wing lift lip

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A gull wing lift lip is essentially a method of removing a strip of skin just above the border of the upper lip. It has the shape of a gently extended M and looks like a child's drawing of a sea gull. This essentially advances the border of the upper lip.

It leaves a visible scar which can obscure the natural upper lip border (called the white roll) and is not popular unless formed in an existing scar.

Subnasal Lip Lift Surgery

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A lip lift is designed to shorten an elongated lip. With age, the lip will lengthen and give your lip a flat, aged appearance.  The incisions are hidden beneath the nose and are closed very meticulously in order to ascertain that they are not noticeable.  See the link below for more information about the lip lift procedure.

Jacob D. Steiger, MD
Boca Raton Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Excision of the upper lip skin

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This is a procedure for the patients that the space between nose and upper lip is long. This works better in older patient and fair skin patient. Lip augmentation works better in younger patients

Lip Lift Procedure for Improvement of the Upper Lift

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Improvement of the upper lip can be acheived by the gull wing lift or less invasively, by administration of facial fillers to recreate the anatomic subunits of the upper lip white roll and most importantly, the philtral columns.

The enhancement of the philtral columns can, in most cases, restore youthfullness to the upper lip.

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