How long could it take to close a moderate anterior open bite? (photos)

My teeth have always looked fine but I noticed that over the past two years my teeth haven't been able to close. I have an abnormally large tounge so my tounge does thrust against my teeth so I know what the problem is. I'm currently 18 years old but I know my parents can't afford braces. I'm wondering how much it could cost to get Invisalign and if it will take a long time to correct. I don't want to have to get jaw surgery. Also, is there anyway I could start fixing my tounge thrust at home?

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Open Bite due to tongue thrust


Tongue thrust is one of the most common reasons for an open bite. Invisalign may correct the open bite in most likely 1.5-2 years. As far as the cost of invisalign, the treatment fee for Invisalign is the same and in most cases more than braces. Most offices do offer free consultations and payment plans so you do not need to worry about paying everything up front. There are several tongue exercise you can do to help you improve your tongue trust. 
You can google it at thousands of exercises will come up but here are a few you can try: 

Tongue Exercises
Put a small sugarless mint or candy (a raisin or cheerio will work, too) on the tip of the tongue and touch it to the roof of the mouth of the alveolar ridge. Hold the mint between the tongue tip and ridge while a swallow is made. Do not let the tongue go forward against the teeth; rather, keep it on the alveolar ridge. Swallow repeatedly, holding the mint up, until the tongue becomes very tired. Remember, the correct swallow is an up and back motion, not down and forward.

When the mint is gone or eaten, swallow again, keeping the tongue up in the same position. Try to swallow this way from now on. Do not allow the tongue to touch or push on the front teeth; make sure the tongue goes up and back, not down and forward.

Now take a piece of celery or carrot and chew it up, keeping the lips closed as you chew. Swallow the celery or carrot, remembering to keep the tongue tip up on the alveolar ridge. Do not allow the tongue to push on the front teeth.

Now drink a glass of water. Again, remember to swallow with the tongue in this new swallow position. Do not let it touch, push, or come through the front teeth.

Sound Exercises
     With the tip of the tongue positioned down behind the lower teeth, make the /z/ sound repeatedly.
   Make a list of words that end with the /z/ sound (i.e. buzz, rose, close, etc.). Practice these words making sure the tongue tip stays down behind the bottom front teeth.
   Put each /z/ word in a sentence or phrase and practice them, making sure the tongue tip stays down for the /z/ sound.

Best of luck to you!

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Open bite

The cost of the Invisalign treatment can vary between providers and regions in the country. While invisalign may have limitations in closing the anterior open bite; you may want to visit with an experienced provider in your area to have a complete screening for your needs. Typically open bite cases can take 1.5 years to close with the product. However visiting a provider with a scanner may help you in conceiving how the teeth will look after they are straight.  The scanner is a computer device that can give the clinician digital impressions of your teeth, and will allow the clinician to help move your teeth more accurately.

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Close An Anterior Open Bite

You have a good sized open bite! 
To start minimizing further opening of the bite, start with cognitive therapy during the day to keep your tongue from thrusting. Be aware during the day not to thrust! Spend time thinking about where your tongue is located.
A dentist can make you an oral appliance that will definitely keep you from thrusting.
Invisalign typically cost the same or more than braces. Most offices have payment plans that take some of the bite out of the price. If treatment is still not possible at this point, work at minimizing further opening of the bite and save up for future treatment!
Best of luck to you.

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