Can I Use Green or Black Tea for Swelling in my Eyes After Eyelid Surgery?

I had my upper eyelid surgery (also took some extra skin out) on June 28th an stitches out on July 3rd an still have some swelling an heard that green or black tea bags on your eyelids can help reduce swelling so I was wondering if I should try it an if so what are the steps to doing so? Do I put them right on my eyes or need to cover them with something first?

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Green or black tea for swelling after eyelid surgery

Swelling after eyelid surgery will normally start to improve several days after surgery.  Cooling of the area in the first two days definitely will help.  Green tea bags can help for several reasons.  If cooled in a refrigerator first and then moistened, they can be placed directly over the eyes and help due to the cooling effect, but also because of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants in the tea.  

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Swelling After Eyelid Surgery

Swelling after surgery will resolve with time. Ice pack placement for the first 48 hours will help with bruising and swelling and warm compresses thereafter for another 2-3 days. But, again, all swelling will be gone in time.

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