Goretex Implant Incorporation Time?

Hi, I'm interested to know how long does it takes for Goretex implant to get fully incorporated. I heard that it is the only implant that has the characteristic of tissue incorporation, does it mean it won't shift when it's fully incorporated even if i get knocked on the nose during contact sports? Thanks.

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Goretex Implant Incorporation Time?

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I'm not a fan of either Gore-tex or Medpore facial implants.  Both become incorporated.  Medpre into the bone and Gore-tex into the surrounding tissues.  Gore-tex has a tendecy to become infected years later for no apparent reason, IMO and Medpore simply can't be removed which in my mind makes it a no go.  For over 22 years, I have used silastic Cheek and chin implants and in my mind they reamian the gold standard of facial implants.

Having said all that, there's no inherent magic in any implant of any material.  It's imperative that the plastic and cosmetic surgeon understands and follow the proper aesthetics of facial beauty, when using facial implants, for the creation of a naturally, more attractive face.  That's the key, IMHO.

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Goretex Implant Incorporation Time

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In general by a few weeks the implant is stable and has 'adhered' to the tissues.  Contact sports should be avoided for a month.

See the link below for example of a Goretex graft

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Facial implants

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That depends on your definition of incorporated. I do not think silicone or goretex are ever incorporated by ingrowth through the implant except through a few visible holes present in some of these implants. Medpore has many more holes along its entire surface for ingrowth/incorporation which is why it can be harder to remove than goretex or silicone.

Not all medpore implants incorporate or incorporate completely. Those that do are like part of you to the extent that they bleed when cut into and are very unlikely to shift. Shifting of implant position is still possible even after complete incorporation in certain cases. I once had to remove a medpore ear implant that was migrating down the side of a patient's head. It was fully incorporated but I measured about 1cm of implant movement in a year.

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Goretex and rhinoplasty

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Goretex implants or goretex impregnated implants typically take about 8 weeks or so for a fibrous capsule to form before they become integrated into the tissue. After several months there is relatively little risk of the implant shifting or moving. These are general in terms and specific situations can vary.

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